Gift Vouchers

How to Buy a Gift Voucher

If you aren't sure what to buy, you can buy gift vouchers online. You can choose either an E–voucher, where notification is sent by email, or a G–voucher, which is a gift voucher that arrives in a presentation card by post.

For Gift Vouchers, you'll have to tell us a couple of things:

1. Name of the recipient

2. The delivery address

3. Any message you would like written in the card. (If you can't think of anything, we can write it for you).

How to Use a Gift Voucher or Online Credit

If someone has given you a gift voucher, it will be either a G-voucher, which is a printed voucher with a number printed on the back, or an E–voucher, an email that contains voucher number, or code.

If there is any remaining credit, your online credit balance will be shown in your account. Next time you place an order, the remaining credit can be used.

Under normal circumstances, only one voucher can be used per order. In all other cases, it’s best to email us first.