About Storm in a D-Cup

For too long stores have ignored the needs of women with a large bust who want to look good both in and under their clothes. Your grandma probably told you that to look great you need foundation garments. Today, that means you need a range of bras that flatter your shape and suit what you are wearing.

For example, wearing a white t-shirt? Then you'll need a nude coloured, seam-free t-shirt bra. A high-neck top? Wear your full cup bra with a lot of lift of course. Dressed in all black? Try a bright red or pink bra for a playful contrast. And for an open shirt, how about a bra with gorgeous lace to show off your assests!

Demanding a better bra – for you!

Our mission is to get every woman in Australia wearing bras that are both beautiful and comfortable because they are both well fitting and well made. So we've sourced bras from all over the world and we are expanding our range all the time so you can finally find the perfect bra for you and for the outfit you are wearing right now! If there's anything you'd like that we don't have, just tell us and we'll get it for you.

Here's what the bra fitter forgot to tell you

The trick to having great underwear is knowing how a bra should fit you AND knowing what styles and brands suit you best. If you aren't sure of your size, or you'd like to check, you can come in for a fitting - we are located in Bondi Junction, 5 minutes by train from Sydney CBD. Or read the bra fitting guide for tips on how to fit yourself.

Then there are bra styles: balconette, full cup, moulded cups... Just think about your most comfortable bras. Were the underwires low in the front? Did they show off your cleavage or hold you firmly in place? Did they have 2- or 3-hooks at the back? Everyone's breasts are different shapes and some styles will suit you more than others. That's why you can browse through our catalogue, or search specifically for a size, brand, colour, or style. And now...let's get shopping!

About Me

I always thought I was a size 14DD, until I learned how to fit a bra in 1999. When I found out that I was one of the 8 out of 10 women wearing the wrong size bra, and that I was actually a 12FF, I nearly fainted, but it changed my life forever!

Department stores in Australia only seemed to sell frumpy big-cup bras in my size – if they had any at all. So I searched the world for a better bra and now I've decided to share my findings with you. I made it my mission that no bustline should ever be bumpy, frumpy or pinching again! And just to show you that pretty bras do come in big sizes, here's a picture of me in one, and there ain't anything frumpy about this bra!

Founder, Storm in a D Cup
Esther Labi
Founder and Bra Whisperer, Storm in a D Cup