There is a problem with the quality of my purchase. What do I do?

We’re sorry there was a problem with the quality of one of our products and we’d like to help you resolve the problem quickly. We have a few different ways you can return items to us which are detailed below.


  • Non-perishable item bought in store - Please return the item to your nearest Marks and Spencer store (excluding M&S Outlet, BP, Moto, Airport stores) with the valid receipt and they will be happy to help you further. If you are outside of the UK, click here to see how to return products to us.
  • Perishable Item Bought In Store - please return the item to a Marks & Spencer store with your receipt.

There are some items that are excluded from our returns policy – click here for more information.

What is the credit receipt policy?

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Can I get a replacement sent internationally for faulty or damaged products?

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Does Storm in a D Cup have a buy-back policy?

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What will happen if I cancel my order before delivery and I've paid using a gift card?

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Returning Non-Storm in a D Cup branded product ?

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