Brassy Bra

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  • Description

    You know that strapless, backless, sideless dress you always wanted to wear but couldn't? Well, go buy that dress honey, cos you can rock the look with Brassybra! This breast tape  mimics your skin by breathing and stretching with you. It's called Second Skin Technology but that's just a fancy way to say it's comfortable to wear.

    Size Small is for A-C cups, Medium is D-E Cups, Large is for E-G Cups, but our instagram account shows a video of an H Cup wearing it (it's amazing!!). You can trim them down to size to suit your outfit, and you can use one set or all three if you need the extra support.

    Available in Black and Nude for now, with more skin tones available soon.

  • More Info

      • Brassybra can handle sweat and water so it won't fall off while swimming

      * Latex-free

      * Brassybra is a disposable bra, but you can reposition it a few times

      • Each Brassybra kit comes with three sets of nipple covers, three stickers and 3 sachets of adhesive remover