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Fitting Guide

Our Fitting Guide

A good fitting bra can work wonders. It can make you look slimmer, reduce back and neck pain and slow down the effects of gravity!

So what size am I? We suggest you put on one of your existing bras and by following the guidelines below, work out what size you should be wearing. Don’t worry if the size you should be wearing is very different to your current bra size – the majority of women are wearing the wrong size but now you are taking steps to get the fit that makes you look and feel great in your bra!

The first thing to do is throw away that tape measure! The only way to find out if a bra really fits is to try it on. This is because the fit of the bra will not only depend upon your measurements but also factors such as the distribution of the volume of your boobs and the shape of them.

A bra size is made up of a back size (eg 12, 14 etc) and a cup size (eg F, G etc). To ensure that you are getting the correct fit to give you fabulous support and shape, both of these need to be right.

Back Size
• The back of the bra should be a snug fit and you shouldn’t be able to pull it too far away from your body. The back should sit horizontally around your body and it should not ride up at the back. (Have a look in the mirror to check this.) If it does ride up and you are able to fit more than 2 fingers between your body and your bra at the back, then you are wearing too big a back size and should try a smaller one.

Cup Size
• Your bra should give you a smooth silhouette – no bulging out of the cups! Your boobs should be fully encased by the bra and the wires should be sitting flat against your body. If this is not the case then the bra is too small in the cup as your boobs are pushing the bra away from you and you should try a bigger cup size.

A bra with a smaller back size also has a smaller cup size eg the cups of a 12FF are smaller than the cups of a 14FF. So, if you go down a back size then you need to go up a cup size to ensure that the cup still fits. If you currently wear a 14DD and want to try a 12, you would have to try a 12E to make sure the cups fit the same way.

Your nipples should be sitting in the middle of the cups. So, reach into your bra and pull your boobs up! This will ensure you are filling the bra properly and give you a better shape. It is also an idea to put a t shirt or top on to see how the bra looks with your clothes.

You should check your bra size at least every six months as it may change due to factors such as losing weight or taking the contraceptive pill.

When a bra is new, it should fit on the loosest hook. Over time, as it is worn and washed, it will stretch and you will need to use the tighter hooks.

Trouble Shooting: Our Tips

My Straps Dig Into Me!

The main support of the bra should come from the back and not the shoulder straps. If your straps are digging into you, this is because the back isn’t supportive enough as it is too big so try a smaller back size.

I’m Bulging Out of the Cups

Your boobs should be fully encased by the bra. If this is not the case, you should try a bigger cup size or try a full cup bra.

The Cups Are Wrinkly

If the cups are wrinkly at the top, this is sometimes because the bra is too big in the cup so you could try a smaller cup size. If you are filling the rest of the cup well, it could be that the style offers too much coverage and a balconette bra may be more suitable for you.
However, if the bra wrinkles only at the tips of the cup, this is because the cup is too small and your boobs cannot fit into them. In this instance, you should try a larger cup size.

If all else fails, call us for fitting advice!

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